Quality Surface Solutions, Inc.

Professional Carpet Cleaning for commercial business is made easy with Quality Surface Solutions. We provide the same great service to your business as we do to your home. We specialize in retail, churches, business offices, gyms, hotels, schools, office building and just about anywhere there is a high traffic.

Extend the life of your expensive commercial carpet, remove unsightly stains, spills, and odors with a scheduled routine shampoo. This will keep your customers impressed with your professional appearance. 

High Traffic Areas quickly become soiled, stained or damaged by customers. We can revive your carpet to give you a fresh professional appearance.

Upholstery Cleaning, cleaning your office upholstery on a regular basis will keep your office smelling fresh and clean all year long.

      Commercial Services Available

Spot and Stain Removal

Sanitizing and Deodorizing

Scotchgard 3M Protection

Pet Odor Treatment

Disinfecting Treatment

Mildew Removal / Treatment

Steam/Dry Cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning

Our Method of Carpeting Cleaning we use only the best products on the market. We will treat your office as if it were our home. We want to be there foru you and your future carpet cleaning needs. Therefore we provide you with the best service and the best products on the market. Inproper cleaning procedure can voice your carpets warranty, so rest assured our methods are safe.

Our Technicians use the most up dated technology and advanced processes to deep clean your carpet and romove soil, odors and spots. Once cleaned it is important to protect the carpet with scotchgard 3M. Soctchgard will resist stains to ensure your carpet will stay cleaner longer.
Commercial Carpet Cleaning